Worshipful Master – Joshua Weathersby

From the East!…

Happy Holidays Hollywood Lodge,

As soon as the last of the Thanksgiving dishes were put away my Jewish mother would put on her favorite Christmas album by Nat King Cole. This was the moment every year when she would decorate what she adamantly insisted was the Hanukkah bush, even though she was decking it out with Christmas decorations to Christmas music. The Hanukkah bush was in the background when we celebrated the eight crazy nights of Hanukkah. Even though sometimes it would only be decorated in blue and silver, and almost always had at least two ornaments representing a star of David and a menorah, on December 23 it magically became a Christmas tree.

So as we think of our families this holiday season, and the traditions that we hold dear, and the year comes around to a close, we take stock of all that has transpired in the past year. As I look back I see a year that I will never forget. We had fun and made many memories. We helped out where we could and we did it all together. As we transition into a new year and a new line of officers stands poised at the ready to take the reins of Hollywood Lodge all I can say is thank you for what has been one of the most transformative experiences of my life.


Senior Warden – Alex Madjeski

From the West!…

Greetings Brethren and Ladies!

On November 10th, we held a 3rd degree for Brother Jason Taylorson! The officers put on a great degree and Brother Taylorson was ecstatic.
On November 19th Hollywood Chapter of DeMolay International held their semi-annual installation at the lodge. Attendance was high and the ceremony was beautifully done. The speech given by the incoming Master Counselor, Oliver Rodriguez, was very inspiring. If you have not done so, or haven’t done it in a while, I highly recommend that you attend a DeMolay degree and Installation. These young men put in a lot of effort in everything that they do. I know you will be impressed!
On Sunday November 20th some of the brothers gathered at the lodge to demo the old floor of the banquet hall. As most of you know this is in preparation for the new floor which is being installed. We were able to save the lodge $4000 and we had a great time doing it! Thank you to all the brothers who came out to assist; Wo. Eric Bertolli, Wo. James Bayhylle, Bro. Walter McClain, Bro. Scott Thomas, and Bro. Barry Balonick. A special thank you to Wo. Joshua Weathersby for bringing out food to everyone!




Junior Warden – Brad McCall

From the South!….

Happy Holidays to everyone! I can’t believe this is the last month in this Masonic Year for Hollywood.
Thank you to everyone who helped make this year’s events and stated dinners a possibility. I would like to specifically mention the hard work from… Walter and TJ as Stewards, Dan and Andy for their help in our August BBQ, Keith for taking over the May dinner in my absence, and both the Job’s Daughters and Hollywood DeMolay. You guys rock.
As is our tradition at Hollywood, we are dark the month of December and have no degree. However, we seem to find a way to have more events this month then any of the other 11 🙂
This month will bring us our Table Lodge on December 10th. This will be held at the lodge starting at 7:30. Cost is $50 before 12/3 and goes up to $65 after that. This event is open to Mason’s only. Please contact Wo. James Bayhylle with any questions.
Sunday December 11th we will be meeting at Casa Pacifica at 9:00 AM to set up Christmas Trees and decorations. Please see Bro. Barry Balonick if you have any questions.
Our Annual Installation will be held on December 17th at 12:00 Noon. This will be a formal event and will be attended by the Grand Master of Masons in California. The officers would love to see everyone and their families there.
Thanks again for a wonderful year. I can’t wait to make 2017 as successful as 2016.



Nicki Weathersby

Master’s Lady – Nicki Weathersby

From the Behind the East!….

The Holidays are upon us once again and I especially look forward to the plethora of social and familial gatherings ahead. And I wish you a happy and healthy holiday season, and a splendid new year.
As a special farewell I am organizing an outing for the Ladies of Hollywood lodge during December’s Stated Dinner. Thursday December 1st we will be meeting and mingling at lodge at 6pm, then the Ladies will be driving over to Pinot’s Palette together for a private painting party at 6:30pm. We will be enjoying pizza, wine, and experiencing a new cultural social activity together. Good times ahead.
Please RSVP by Monday, November 28th if you would like to join us at 310-429-7300 or nickiweathersby@gmail.com.
It has been a privilege to be the First Lady of Hollywood Lodge. I will never forget it, or the friendships I have developed over the years. Thank you for supporting me.
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